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To an old red barn

an old red barn

La grange une fois
peinte en rouge vif,

voici grise,
pas de place pour un roi ou une reine,
une maison humble pour une bœuf
qui parcourt la gamme libre
et buvez dans un bassin boueux

heureuse de trouver un abri
contre la tempête du monde.


To an old red barn

A barn is far too important a building to be left forlorn, once painted bright red, now a ghostly vision of the past, neglected, no place for the likes of kings and queens, lords and ladies, or even you and me; but like the poet, it serves and stands and waits for cows that roam the hills for grass, and for a treat get to lick a block of salt, or stand in bunches ‘neath a lonely tree for shade, flicking at those pesky flies with much too short a tail, waiting ‘til the close of day to come home, happy to find shelter from the storm, happy to munch a little hay, happy though they have not a lot, but an old forgotten barn.

There they rest the restless night, protected from the mighty storm, waiting, waiting, though thank God, they know not, to be served between a bun.