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Tiny mushrooms

Pretty little mushrooms on the forest floor, such a beauty to behold. If you look, you will see baby mushrooms, tiny sprouts, little bubbles from the earth. From above, white parachutes softly landing, from the side, white umbrellas carried gaily by a Geisha. In a Polynesian tiki cocktail a delightful twirling thing of fun.

magical, mysterious mushrooms

Overnight, very
Whitely, discreetly,
Very quietly…
Sylvia Plath says
About the mushroom’s
Mysterious ways
Here one moment
Gone the next
Was it eaten
Was it beaten
Trampled by
A weary traveler
Too tired to care


Dans la nuit, très
Sombre, discrètement,
Très silencieusement…
Sylvia Plath dit
Des champignons s’épanouir
Pour le moment, puis passé…