Like red hot bubbling lava that spews up out of the deep blue Pacific Ocean and forms a new island, words are always being made up. According to Marriam-Webster, “WTF” entered the language this year. They say it is a question meaning, “where’s the food”, as in, I’m hungry let’s eat.

I say it means something else, and I use it when I am fed-up or pissed.



When did the first man or woman make up a word to represent an image of a thing?


Was it like the scene from the Miracle Worker when Helen Keller learned from Annie Sullivan the symbolic meaning of Annie’s fingers on Helen’s palm? For our early ancestors, was there anyone to share the joy of the meaning of the word? Is it a curse to see?

Speaking of which, do the blind see in their mind’s eye?

I suppose (and isn’t that a lovely word full of mystery and contradiction?) they do.

Raymond Carver wrote a short story on this subject called The Cathedral. I suggest you check it out. Carver’s story raises other questions such as when we dream, do we really see images or do we just think that we do?

Believing is more than half the battle. Why, hell, it is everything.